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Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repair Services

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 Mobile 693370601


Regular Maintenance from 70 Euro

New Pool Commissioning

Fault Finding / Repairs

Leak Detection

Spare Parts, Pumps, Electrics etc.



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NEW!!  Pre House Sale/Purchase Pool Inspection, Leak Check, Equipment Check. 

Contact us for more information.


We offer professional pool maintenance to community and residential customers, weekly in winter and twice weekly in summer. 

The service includes the netting of leaves and larger debris from the water plus vacuuming of the dust and smaller particles. 

Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets. 

Backwashing of the filter. 

Cleaning of the waterline to remove suncreams and grease. 

Testing chemical levels and adding as required to keep the water safe.


If you have a problem with your pool we can check, diagnose and offer repair solutions. 

We can repair pumps, usually on site. 

Supply and install new filter units and associated equipment. 

Sand changes.

New electrical control panels.

Pool lights. 

Skimmer baskets and doors.


leak testing

Do you have high water bills? You may have a leak. 

We can offer pressure and dye testing to find out for sure. If the leak is confirmed we can offer cost effective repairs.

Special offer 

Pressure test 140 Euro + iva

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